Updated: March 13, 1999

LINE-LIST - providing you with information on
libertarian and free-market activities in Europe.

LINE-LIST is a mailing-list for libertarians, classical liberals and like-minded. The basic function of a mailinglist is to distribute e-mail to a number of people. Any e-mail sent to the LINE-LIST will automatically be distributed to all subscribers to the list.

LINE-LIST is intended to be a tool for you to:

  • INFORM about seminars, meetings etc. in Europe (and elsewhere)
  • TELL about interesting activities in Europe
  • ANNOUNCE publications and litterature
  • REACH likeminded individuals and organizations in Europe
  • SEARCH for information (litterature, people, organizations etc.)
  • REQUEST help and assistance
  • INSPIRE and be inspired.

The list is NOT intended to be a discussion-forum. If a demand for a discussion-list appears it will be set up separately.

LINE CALENDAR - giving you a monthly update on events

LINE CALENDAR is a monthly update on events and activities of special interest to classical liberals, libertarians and promoters of free market ideas in Europe. This is a distribution-list which implies that you cannot send mail to the list. You will receive the monthly calendar plus (on special occasions) information about special events, seminars, conferences etc.


You can subscribe or unsubscribe LINE-LIST and/or LINE CALENDAR by using the listmanager. When you subscribe you will automatically receive information on how use the lists.

The success of the list depends solely on the input from the participants. I hope LINE-LIST and LINE CALENDAR will show to be useful to you.


Palle Steen Jensen, List-owner (


You can subscribe to LINE-LIST and LINE CALENDAR or get more information by using our



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